Thursday, May 25, 2017


Today's ArtfulAdventures prompt is "reflection".   I knew I'd be unable to be out and about with my camera today, being booked in for my latest colonoscopy appointment (every 5 years - if you're reading this and you're over 50, have you had your first one yet? Book it now!), I took this photo last week on a walk to my local library.
I was inspired by a friend's picture on Facebook (thanks Jeanee!), taken in a similar style, only her photo from her hometown in Florida included a palm tree.  I like how my photo includes the reflection of a pine tree, a quintessential Canadian look.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


When I first thought about what image I would photograph for today's Artful Adventures prompt, "cracks", I thought of the cracks in the pavement of the parking lot at work.  There are many, of various thicknesses and designs.
But as I went to take a photo or two, I realized that I hadn't seen the Canada geese yesterday when I got back to work after the long weekend.  I walked over to the nest and sure enough, it was empty, with only a pile of feathers and a bunch of eggshell debris left behind.
On closer inspection, I noticed this piece of something that looks like half an eggshell, except it seems to be sort of a thin membrane - presumably the inside of the shell?  (I didn't want to touch it!)
There were definitely broken pieces of thicker shell scattered about.
I can only surmise that sometime over the three day holiday weekend that just passed, the goslings cracked open their shells and stepped out into the world.  The family then would have made its way to the nearest water source, which I believe (based on previous years of goose watching) is somewhere to the west of this parking lot, across a four lane road (which would have been lightly trafficked on the weekend, thank goodness!) and down a road about two blocks and then across a field.  Hopefully they all made it safely to their destination!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Today's prompt for Nathalie Kalbach's Artful Adventures is "pattern". I took this picture of a mosaic tile wall a couple of weeks ago while walking around the Queen Street West neighbourhood in Toronto.  I love, love, love all the different patterns of these tiles!

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Monday, May 22, 2017


Today's Artful Adventures theme is "night". Given that it is Victoria Day here in Canada, you can guarantee that there will be fireworks as soon as darkness falls this evening.  A few people have been setting them off on each of the past 3 evenings (even last night in the rain - what?!?) but tonight will be the main event.  The view from my balcony will look something like this:
According to Wikipedia, "The holiday has been observed in Canada since at least 1845, originally falling on Victoria's actual birthday (24 May 1819)" and "Canada is the only country that commemorates Queen Victoria with an official holiday".  For most of us, it's the first long weekend of summer, no matter how chilly it may be.  That's seems a good enough reason to be setting off fireworks to me!

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Sunday, May 21, 2017


Today's Artful Adventure is all about trash.  In my apartment building, there is a small room on each floor with this sign on the door:
Presumably the hours of operation are posted as a courtesy to those whose units are closest to the disposal room, so it's a little quieter for them. (The outer door is quite heavy and noisy as it closes, as is the chute itself.)  These signs are posted inside the garbage room:
I've never quite figured out who would "wrap" their garbage? 

One opens the door and places the garbage inside the chute.  The picture of the green garbage bag above the opening is somewhat misleading, as it's a smallish opening, no way a big bag would fit in there. (There is an area outside for larger bags and items such as furniture).
Any items for recycling are deposited in containers like these on the main floor.  Our superintendent tells me the building has been fined several times because people put food waste in the recycling bins. Perhaps they don't realize there is a separate bin for compost, which is kept outside due to its tendency to get a little smelly.  But really, people, get your act together!! 
As the bins get filled up, they are placed outside where they sit until garbage day, which is Tuesday in our neighbourhood.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017


The prompt for today's #artfuladventures hosted by Nathalie Kalbach was "sign".  Nathalie herself posted a picture of a rusty sign in her neighbourhood that she has enjoyed seeing and which inspired her to create a mixed media piece of artwork.  I was going to take a walk and take pictures of the many directional and construction signs in my area.  But this morning, as I went to sit down at my art table, I realized I was being confronted by a different kind of sign:  a message from the universe. Like the one in the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" when the pigeon poops on Diane Lane's head and the old woman says it is a sign from God that she is the one who should buy the house.

In my case, I took it as a sign telling me that it was time to clear off my desk.  I had only the grey grid area showing in the photo below left clear.  The rest of my table was a jumbled pile of art supplies and letter writing paraphernalia from April's NLWM activities.  It had been that way for weeks and it had been bothering me and, obviously, restricting my use of the space, but I hadn't had time to do anything about it.  Until today.
I was mostly finished when Maggie came to inspect the progress. She seemed happy with the results and so I continued on.
After only an hour or so of concentrated effort, success!

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Friday, May 19, 2017


Here in the city of Toronto, we have all sorts of wildlife.  We have animals of all sizes and descriptions, from the smallest (mice) to largest (deer) roaming through backyards.  It's not at all uncommon to see raccoons, possums and porcupines on local streets or in one of our many parks.  A raccoon ambled past our picnic table last Saturday afternoon, which was a shock to all of us, as he was quite close to us and did not appear to be at all perturbed by all the people and dogs nearby.  Just last week, authorities shot a bear in the east end of the city!  Which I admit is quite unusual but still, not completely surprising.

Squirrels are everywhere and come in various colours - black, brown and grey.  My mother tells a funny story about when she was driving guests from New Zealand around the city several years ago and they suddenly and urgently asked her to stop the car.  She thought there was some sort of emergency, they were making such a fuss. Turns out they had spotted a grey squirrel, an animal they had never seen back home. We laughed when we heard the story, for we tend to take them completely for granted here and most of us think of them as merely furry rodents who try to eat the birdseed in the feeder.

However, I was quite surprised to catch sight of this unusually coloured specimen just a few weeks ago as I was walking in my neighbourhood.  I have never, ever before seen a black squirrel with a white tail.

Here's a better shot.
You can bet I'll be watching to see if I can spot this little fellow again next time I'm walking in that area!!

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