Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pretty as a Peacock

For today's episode of Time Travel Tuesday, I'm remembering the peacocks we saw on the grounds of the Delores Museum in Mexico City in March of 2015, which was one of our excursions on this trip. As we walked along the stone pathway leading to the buildings where the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo artwork is on display, there were peacocks everywhere.
The males were presenting their finery to us all.  Here's a picture of Joely and one of the birds, so you can get an idea of how big that fan of feathers actually is.
The colouring of the males is absolutely stunning, no question about it.
But I think the peahens are equally beautiful, in their own way.
Apparently there is quite a lot of symbolism associated with the peacock, you can read a little bit about it here.

For now, I shall leave you with this butt shot of a male, which I find equally interesting!!

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Stamp Love

I am loving the variety of stamps that are arriving in my mailbox this month from my American penpals as part of National Letter Writing Month.

This image of two horses and their reflection in the water is somewhat obscured by the cancellation stamp but it sure does look pretty!
Love this Wonder Woman stamp and the colourful heart image.

I had to look up the artist Albert Bierstadt, as I can tell from the stamp below that I would love his paintings!  This one of Yosemite looks positively dreamy to me.  I also like how the stamps have the year printed on them as well, the Bierstadt from 2008 and the (oops - upside down) flag from 2013.

This envelope came with a flower, a rooster and a pair of parakeets!
I really like this blue butterfly but I believe this Jimi Hendrix stamp is my favourite so far!  

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cherry Trees in Bloom 2017

Every year around this time, Torontonians go on "blossom watch", waiting for the sakura cherry trees to bloom in High Park.  I've never actually been to High Park during this time but I have heard how crowded it can be, both with people and traffic.

Two or three days ago, local sources reported the first blossoms had made their appearance and that this weekend would be good for viewing, with a warm, dry, sunny forecast.  This website has an interesting chart showing the peak bloom dates for years past.  April 24-25 (i.e. tomorrow and Tuesday) is predicted to be the height of this year's season.

My friend Cheryl and I decided we wanted to see cherry blossoms but avoid the crowds, so we headed off early this Sunday morning to look for a lesser known and hopefully less crowded location in Etobicoke. Based on the advice of this blog post, we headed off to Broadacres Park, allegedly the home of 100 cherry trees.  We crossed a very soggy soccer field and a small creek to find a grand total of ...two (2) cherry small trees in bloom!
We found a stand of about 15-20 trees in the southwest corner of the park that have the beginnings of some buds but no way to tell if they are sakura trees or not.  All in all, it was a disappointment.

However, as we left the park, we drove past Etobicoke Civic Centre (located at Burnhamthorpe and The West Mall) and noticed six blooming trees in front of the building, glistening in the sun.  We turned the car around and headed to their parking lot, where we were the only visitors.
We proceeded to snap photos and inhale the gentle aroma of the cherry blossoms.

Here is Cheryl, focused in on the blooms.
The buds are a soft rose shade, while the open blooms are white.
The sky above was so blue, without a cloud in sight.
Here's a photo of Cheryl and me under one of the trees, flushed with success at having found this well kept secret location and taken our share of photos!

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day 2017

We celebrated Earth Day yesterday at my office with a potluck lunch.
Heather had the winning dessert with her cupcakes made to look like carrots growing out the ground (complete with Oreo crumbs like dirt sprinkled on the top of them!).  They were delicious!
Jennifer's butterfly cake was just as clever.
A number of us then headed outside to take part in the 20 Minute Makeover, cleaning up our corner of the city.  
We didn't have to look too far to find a creek bed full of trash, just on the other side of a nearby parking lot.
Twenty minutes later, things were much improved.
We picked up all the usual suspects: coffee cups, empty water bottles and beer cans, cardboard, candy wrappers, newspapers.  The weirdest things we found?  A pile of dishes (probably from one of the restaurants nearby).
And a knife. Probably from one of those same restaurants although the caution tape nearby did make me wonder if we had stumbled upon a piece of crime scene evidence that had been overlooked...
Here I am, doing my part, carrying a couple of garbage bags to the dumpster.

And here's our merry gang with the results of our labour.

Leaving our city and planet just a little bit cleaner than it was.  Happy Earth Day!!

Day 19/100 - #100dayproject

Friday, April 21, 2017

Who Could Forget?

I watched the movie "An Affair to Remember" tonight.
Image result for an affair to remember

I've seen it several times and I even own a copy on DVD but it lures me every time.  It's such a romantic story and Cary Grant is so handsome, who can resist? It makes me want to take an ocean cruise, visit France, play the piano, go to the top of the Empire State Building and fall in love - not necessarily in that order!

If you like the movie, you might find this article interesting to read.

The only parts of the movie I don't enjoy are when the children are singing their two songs for the Christmas concert. I can't imagine why those scenes were included in the film, other than to stretch the movie out to be closer to two hours in length.  Tonight I just switched over to the hockey game when those scenes were playing. ;)

I suspect I shall be humming the theme song for the next few days!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Geese Are Back!

You may have read my posts in previous years about the pair of Canada geese that return each year to nest in the area of my office.  You can read about it here.

I first noticed they were back around March 22nd but didn't get a photo of them until yesterday.  They were walking towards me as I was walking to my car, so I gave them a wide berth.
You would not believe the amount of goose poop on the asphalt today.  You'd think an entire flock of geese had partied on the tarmac all night, there was so much of it.  Today's heavy rain will no doubt flush most of that away.  I was able to get a little closer tonight, taking this picture as I juggled my iPhone and my umbrella!
No sign of a nest yet and no sign yet of the one legged goose I have noticed in previous years but I'll keep watching.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Twelve Years Gone

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." - Thomas Campbell
I miss you, Dad.

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